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"The most pleasant and smooth transaction I have ever had with a vintage dealer" - H. Williams
Get up to 30% more! - Vintage Watch Buyers
Get up-to 30% more!
We'll not only give you the best price but also honest advice about the value of your watch
safe & secure
Safe & Secure
Unlike selling privately when you sell with us its risk free
Same Day Payout
Unlike selling privately when you sell with us its risk free

How to Sell Your Vintage Watch

Sell your vintage watch in three simple steps
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Get a Price - Vintage Watch Buyers
Get a Price
We'll reply with our offer price within 24 hours.
Get Paid - Vintage Watch Buyers
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We're trusted by hundreds of sellers with over £1m of vintage watches purchased.
We buy brands including...
Sell Your Vintage Rolex Watch
Sell Your Vintage Omega watch
Sell Your Vintage Heuer Watch
Sell Your Vintage Breitling Watch
Sell Your Vintage Cartier Watch
Sell Your Vintage Vacheron Constantin Watch
Sell Your Vintage IWC Watch
Sell Your Vintage Universal Geneve Watch

Two Ways to Sell

Make a quick sale or wait a little longer to get a little more, the choice is yours

Instant Cash Deal

Get paid the same day with our instant cash deal. 90% of our customers choose this option.
Simply complete the form by clicking "Get Started" and receive your cash offer within 24 hours.
Instant Cash Deal - Vintage Watch Buyers
Sell On Consignment - Vintage Watch Buyers

Sell On Consignment

On average, our customers get 5% more when they sell with us on consignment. If you're in no rush to make a sale, with this option we can service, list and market your watch for you.
Once your watch has sold you get the full amount minus our commission.

How We Offer More

At Vintage Watch Buyers our low-cost business model and low margins mean we can offer the same or higher pries than you might be able to achieve selling privately or at auction. Our offer prices are also heavily data-driven ensuring you're always getting the most up-to-date price for your watch.

What our customers are saying

Don't just take it from us, see what customers are saying about Vintage Watch Buyers!
“I have had the real pleasure of selling one of my pieces to Vintage Watch Buyers... Without a doubt, it was the most pleasant and smooth transaction I have ever had with a vintage dealer. They're amazing - and absolutely fantastic to work with. Highly recommended !!”
Heuer Carrera 3747 T

“Great experience dealing with Vintage Watch Buyers... I had two watches passed down the family and within a couple of days, I had sold both for a very good price and the money was in my account the same day. The transcation was very smooth and hassle free. Would highly recommed this firm to anyone looking to sell their watches. Pleasure doing business, Henry”
Universal Genève Uni Compax

“Had a vintage watch to sell and not very experienced in this field. Contacted the team at Time Rediscovered [our parent company] and couldn't have found them more helpful. Helped with every step of the process and never ever felt pressured into selling my watch. Messages are replied to nearly instantly. Can't recommend them enough. Thanks again for all your help.”
Rolex Submariner

Why Sell With Us?

We know there are a lot of options out there when it comes to selling your vintage watch, but we make it easier, speedier and safer than anybody.
Selling at auction provides no certainty, takes time & often lower prices. Leave the work to us.

Comparing estimates from different auction houses.

Waiting months for the watch to sell without knowing if it will reach its reserve

Paying auction houses up to 45% of the sale price

Communicating with auction houses that can be slow and repetitive

Plus vintage watches never fetch the best prices at auction

Vintage Watch Buyers - Navy - SVG 4
At Vintage Watch Buyers, we put the seller first.


Get up to 30% more! We’ll not only give you the best price but also honest advice about the value of your watch


Get paid within 24 hours! We pay out the same day we receive your watch.


We always guarantee safety and security. We’re risk free – unlike when selling privately.


Let us do the work, whether that means you selling your watch directly to us, or having us sell your watch for you.

Why go through the stress of selling privately when you could get a better price with us!

Dealing with endless questions from potential customers.

Needing access to the movement of the watch.

Taking photos that don't portray what the watch looks like or look unprofessional.

Negotiating prices.

Arranging postage.

Dealing with insurance if the watch goes missing.

Dealing with post-sale enquiries if the buyer isn't happy.

Dealing with frequent scam attempts.


What type of watches do you buy?

We buy all types of vintage watches (for us this means watches made before 1990) from £100 - £100k.

Our focus is on the the following brands; Rolex, Omega, Patek, Vacheron Constantin, Heuer, Universal Geneve, Cartier, IWC Breitling. – but we’re open to considering any brand. We also buy broken watches or those in need of some serious TLC! Finally, we also love travel clocks such as Movato Ermetos.

How do I know your prices are fair?

Unlike other dealers who give low ball offers, our low margins and data driven market insights mean our offer prices are always up to date and rank 9/10 of the best in the UK. We even provide proof through sharing recent auction data on similar watches – all free of charge!

What happens if you don't want to buy it?

Even if your watch isn’t for us, we’ll always help point you in the right direction for where you can sell your watch for the highest price.

Do you offer sale on consignment?

For certain watches we can offer sale on consignment. Here we sell the watch on your behalf and you get the sales price – minus a fixed percentage commission. We offer this mainly on highly collectable items or watches over £5k, but please ask if this is something you would like to discuss (there is an option you can select if you’re interested in selling on consignment in the form).

Are your prices fixed?

Yes. Once we give you our offer price that is our final price. Unlike other dealers who try to push the price down once they have the watch, the price we give you is the price we’ll pay.

How quickly do I get paid?

For cash offers you’ll get paid the same day we receive your watch. When selling on consignment you’ll receive funds 14 days after the sale of your watch.

What Are You Waiting For?

Fill out our form & find out how much your watch is worth in 2 minutes!
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