Selling Privately vs.
Vintage Watch Buyers

You can minimise the risk and maximise the price with Vintage Watch Buyers.

Why Choose Us

Hassle - Vintage Watch Buyers

No Hassle

Got the time to photograph, research and list your watch, reply to time-wasting customers and arrange for payment, shipping and insurance when it finally sells? Know how to get inside your watch if a customer wants to know about the movement? No? No worries. We can do all that for you with no hassle at all.
Risk - Vintage Watch Buyers

No Risk

Luxury watches have one of the highest rates of fraud of any category. Dealers may convince you the watch you have is worth far less than it is. And private sellers are particularly vulnerable to scams in the industry. With so many things that can go wrong with a precious timepiece, get peace of mind knowing we’ve got all the risks covered.
Pressure - Vintage Watch Buyers

No Pressure

Researching, preparing, marketing and selling vintage watches takes up a lot of time. Buyers often want a lot of information and timely responses, and, if you’ve got a very collectible piece, you may be inundated with inquiries (though not necessarily people ready to buy). Life is complicated enough – let us take that pressure away!
"Had a vintage watch to sell and not very experienced in this field. Contacted the team at Time Rediscovered and couldn't have found them more helpful. Helped with every step of the process and never ever felt pressured into selling my watch. Messages are replied to nearly instantly. Can't recommend them enough. Thanks Nick again for all your help."
Rolex Submariner 5513
A.P. - United Kindgom

We Were in Your Shoes…

Vintage Watch Buyers is a streamlined service offering from Time Rediscovered, a leading online vintage watch seller.

Time Rediscovered came about in response to the founder discovering the minefield that is trying to sell a vintage watch, despite the growing customer demand for vintage luxury.

Believing there had to be a better, fairer, and more transparent way to sell these beautiful timepieces, Time Rediscovered was born.

With Vintage Watch Buyers and Time Rediscovered, everything is out in the open. There are no hidden costs, additional services that are suddenly essential or terms and conditions designed to trip you up.

Selling should be simple and satisfying. Someone out there wants your watch, and you’d probably like its full value. We get that. And we’re here to make it happen for you.

Too Good to Be True? Think Again.

People often assume online buyers are all about getting the cheapest price for their goods. They also assume if something is said to be simpler or quicker to sell, that will also mean the buyer will only offer a low price in the first place in order to sell it.

That’s not our model. At Vintage Watch Buyers, we work with very low margins. Our offer prices are heavily data-driven, meaning we can offer the same or higher prices than you might be able to achieve selling privately. We know where our customers are and how to get them.
"As a vintage Omega collector did it feel very good selling a timepiece to Time Rediscovered. They replied fast on emails and paid a market conform price for my timepiece. I will certainly recontact Time Rediscovered when I have another watch for sale in the future."
Vintage Omega
J. Wille. - United Kingdom

Time is precious. Save yours with Vintage Watch Buyers

Save yourself the time and hassle of selling privately and let us take the pain away!
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At Vintage Watch Buyers, we put the seller first.


Get up to 30% more with our best price policy and honest advice


Get paid on the same day that we receive your watch


We guarantee safety and security – with no strings and no risks


Let us do all the work selling directly to us, or have us sell it on consignment


There’s a lot to consider when you’re selling privately – it’s far from straightforward.

Dealing with high maintenance customers

Needing access to the movement of the watch

Taking the right kind of photos from every angle

Negotiating prices

Arranging postage

Dealing with insurance if the watch goes missing

Dealing with unhappy post-sale customers

Dealing with frequent scam attempts

Ready to Sell?

To make a hassle-free, risk-free sale of your vintage watch, get started now.
Fill out our form and get a value on your watch in two minutes.
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