Selling With Other Dealers vs.
Vintage Watch Buyers

Not all experts are on your side when it comes to selling your vintage watch.

Why Choose Us

No Spin - Vintage Watch Buyers

No Spin

Many dealers charge exceptionally high prices due to their high cost business model. Bricks and mortar stores in high cost real estate areas mean high margins. Some are just, frankly, greedy with their margins too – but maybe we’re just too generous!
No Attitude - Vintage Watch Buyers

No Attitude

There are some amazing dealers out there, but they can be as rare as some of the watches they’re selling. When we started exploring the market, we were amazed at the poor service and unhelpful (sometimes sneering) attitudes of the dealers we encountered. We’re nothing like that!
No Surprises- Vintage Watch Buyers

No Surprises

Many dealers will just pull a price out of thin air, which means you can go and see another who will give you a wildly different estimate. Our prices are based on real world data from multiple sources that can give you an accurate, realistic estimate.
"Had a vintage watch to sell and not very experienced in this field. Contacted the team at Time Rediscovered and couldn't have found them more helpful. Helped with every step of the process and never ever felt pressured into selling my watch. Messages are replied to nearly instantly. Can't recommend them enough. Thanks Nick again for all your help."
Rolex Submariner 5513
A.P. - United Kindgom

We Were in Your Shoes…

Vintage Watch Buyers is a streamlined service set up by Time Rediscovered, one of the few leading online vintage watch sellers.

Time Rediscovered was created after the founder discovered just how difficult it is trying to sell a vintage watch, despite the growing customer demand for vintage luxury.

Believing there had to be a better, fairer, and more transparent way, Time Rediscovered was created on these principles.

Everything is out in the open with Vintage Watch Buyers and Time Rediscovered. There are no hidden costs or add-ons. We believe selling should be simple and satisfying. A customer wants your watch, and you’d like a great price for it. We can find you both.

Too Good to Be True? Think Again.

Online buyers have a reputation for only caring about getting the cheapest price for their goods. If something is said to be easier or quicker to sell, we tend to think that also means the buyer will only offer a low price for it in the first place.

That’s not how we work at Vintage Watch Buyers. With our very low margins, we offer prices that are completely data-driven. This means we can offer the same or higher prices than you might be able to achieve selling privately because we know exactly what we can sell it for.
"As a vintage Omega collector did it feel very good selling a timepiece to Time Rediscovered. They replied fast on emails and paid a market conform price for my timepiece. I will certainly recontact Time Rediscovered when I have another watch for sale in the future."
Vintage Omega
J. Wille. - United Kindgom

What’s The Deal With Dealers?

It could be a great one, but it’s very difficult to know and that’s the big risk you take.
Vintage Watch Buyers - Navy - SVG 4
At Vintage Watch Buyers, the seller comes first.


Get up to 30% more! Get totally honest advice about the value of your watch and the best price you can get for it


You’ll get paid within 24 hours of us receiving your watch


We’re completely risk free and guarantee safety and security


We’ll do all the work, whether you sell your watch directly to us or have us sell it for you on consignment

Selling With Dealers

High business margins mean low offers for you

Having to travel to a specific store/location

Often unfriendly or intimidating service

Often low-ball offers plucked out of the air

Only interested in helping you in if it suits them

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