Sell Your Vintage Watch Through Consignment

If you’re not in any real rush to sell your watch, selling on consignment could be the option for you. While you won’t get instant cash for your timepiece, you are more likely to get the very best price available for it.
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"The most pleasant and smooth transaction I have ever had with a vintage dealer" - H. Williams

What is Consignment ?

When you give your watch to us on consignment, we sell it on your behalf in return for our modest commission.

As there is no initial financial outlay for us with this option, it means we’re able to give you a higher percentage of the sale price – which, on average, returns 5% more than our instant cash deals.

If you’ve had a watch sitting around in a drawer for years, this is a really good option for you. We request three months to sell your watch (they usually sell considerably quicker than this) and we can also extend the sales period.

And, in the unlikely event we don’t sell your watch, we’ll provide you with all of the marketing materials we create for the watch to help you sell it by another means.

Advantages Of A Consignment Sale

The Best Price

Although we offer great prices, up to 50% more than traditional dealers, we can’t offer the best possible price with a cash sale.

With a consignment sale, you will achieve the top price upon sale, and be kept up to date with any news on your watch while it is up for sale.

Less Hassle

When you sell your watch with Vintage Watch Buyers through consignment, you just send us the watch and we handle the rest. If needs be, we can arrange for servicing or valeting of your vintage watch before listing.

We also deal with the photography of the watch, listing and marketing. Once the watch sells we deal with all logistics of shipping, meaning you can relax from the minute you send your watch to us, knowing it’s in safe hands.


When selling privately, it can be risky letting others know all over the internet that you’re in possession of a vintage watch. When you sell with us, we keep your watch in an undisclosed, high-security location, 24/7. In the unlikely event anything happened to your watch, you are 100% insured.

When it comes to shipping the watch upon sale, this can also be a risky task for private sellers.
Thankfully, we handle every aspect of this so you don’t have to worry at all.

Want to talk about consignment selling?

Give our friendly team a call on, 01892 882138

Consignment Selling In Four Easy Steps

1. Complete The Form

The first step is to complete the form, which takes less than two minutes. If you want more information about consignment, just tick the box.

2. Send Us Your Watch

Within 24 hours we will reply with the price we would look to list your watch for. The actual price can be discussed and decided via mutual agreement. At this stage, we will also set out our commission structure and the net price you would receive upon sale.

3. We Sell Your Watch

Once we receive your watch, we will go through the selling process. If previously agreed, we will arrange for servicing or valeting before listing.

We will also deal with the photography, listing and marketing of your watch.

4. Receive Your Money

When your watch sells, we will send you the full selling price, minus our agreed commission, 14 days after the date of sale.

What Are You Waiting For?

Fill out our form & find out how much your watch is worth in 2 minutes!
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