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Transparent, trustworthy and all about the service, we offer a better way to sell your vintage watch. Our service is brought to you by Time Rediscovered, a leading online vintage watch seller. As we’re an online business, our low overheads mean you can expect up to 50% more for your watch when you sell with us.
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"The most pleasant and smooth transaction I have ever had with a vintage dealer" - H. Williams

Why We Started

Whether you’re a seasoned collector, or have an inherited timepiece sitting in a drawer, navigating how to sell your watch – and get the best price for it – is far from easy.

When we first started selling vintage watches at Time Rediscovered, we ran into an industry full of unhelpful information and, sadly, very often untrustworthy salespeople.

Happily, over the last five years, we’ve learned all the tricks people use and now know how to avoid them.

Wanting to bring that knowledge to more people who just want to sell a vintage watch simply and for the best possible price, the idea of Vintage Watch Buyers was born.

This streamlined service offering means, with Vintage Watch Buyers, you’re only 3 clicks away from making your sale!

Not that our service is any less complete. We pride ourselves on great customer feedback and giving our customers the experience of having a friend sell their watch for them. That’s why we go to great lengths to make the experience of selling a watch with us safe and enjoyable.

Want to talk about selling?

Give our friendly team a call on, 01892 882138

How We Differ

Get more for your watch, with a lot less hassle.

Selling Privately vs VWB

Selling your vintage watch privately can be stressful and time-consuming. Whether it’s finding the right shop window for it (or auction house, or online store), taking the quality and volume of photos collectors want, having to deal with endless questions from potential customers, or dealing with insurance if the watch goes missing, there’s a lot that can go wrong. You’ll have none of these worries with VWB, and are guaranteed a better price selling with us!
Selling Privately vs VWB - VIntage Watch Buyers
Selling At Auction vs VWB - Vintage Watch Buyers

Selling At Auction vs VWB

When you decide to sell your vintage watch at auction, anything can happen. Auctions, by their very nature, are uncertain, and time-consuming, too. You can expect to use your time comparing auction prices, waiting for the watch to sell and not knowing, sometimes for months, if your watch will meet the reserve price. Don’t waste your time and energy selling at auction – leave the work to us!

Selling With Other Dealers vs VWB

We believe selling a vintage or pre-owned luxury watch should be quick, easy and maximise the money you get back in your pocket. Our low cost, low margin business model means that we can offer prices up to 50% more than traditional dealers who often only offer 20%-30% of a watch’s market value. We also offer quick, simple valuations, transparent advice and a same-day pay-out when you sell with us. That’s the difference with VWB.
Selling With Other Dealers vs VWB - Vintage Watch Buyers

What Are You Waiting For?

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